Will and Denise James
Will and Denise James

A Personal Invitation to Visit Our Church

Bethel Church in Hancock, NH is a local church made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and religious experiences who have come together to worship and serve God. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, the standard of all truth, and that it teaches us that Jesus came to earth not to give us just another religion, but how to allow us (through His sacrifice on the cross for our sins) to enter into a deep personal relationship with God. The Bible not only reveals how to obtain this wonderful relationship, but how to maintain it and receive God’s blessings, both in this life and in our future life with Him in heaven. We believe that Jesus began His church to equip believers to continue His work on earth and to provide an atmosphere of faith, love, and forgiveness, in which we can grow and mature as believers. We believe that Bethel Church in Hancock is such a place, and we extend this invitation to you in hopes that you will come and experience God’s presence and love in our midst, as we gather to worship. We pray that God will lead you to get involved in a church, whether with us or with another church in this area, where you can grow in your relationship with Him.


Pastor Will James

Bethel Church
53 North Elmwood Road,
Hancock, NH 03449
(603) 525-4630

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What Is Going On During the Week?

  • Prayer every morning – call 525-4114 or 464-5860 for more information
  • Ladies Time of Refreshing at the McQuillans’ 7pm Mondays
  • Prayer & Praise every Wednesday night, 7pm at the church
  • Sunday Morning Bible Sunday at 9:00am Starting in the Fall 
  • Sunday Service at 10am

Nursing mothers/mothers with infants will be able to hear the service in
the quiet room, across from the ladies room. The changing table is in the ladies room. Children’s church for toddlers to age 12 is downstairs.
All children will be dismissed after worship.

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